How To Mute Discord Notifications For Android And Ios?

You won’t be notified when someone who you have muted messages you. Blocked messages will appear with a message saying that they’re how to turn off discord notifications blocked. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an ‘X’. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification.

Why do I not get notifications from Discord?

Check Discord Server and Channel Notification settings if notifications are not working. Your server or channel settings may be set to mute certain notifications. This could lead to Discord notifications not working. Right click on the server name, and select ‘Notification Settings’.

In our guide below, we’ll show you how to mute your server and channel notifications on Discord. Whether you’re using the mobile, desktop, or web app, we got you covered. There is also a toggle switch that, when moved to the right, will ignore @everyone and @here. It is also possible to set all mentions of roles and mobile push notifications. After selecting the settings, Hit on the Finish button. You can mute discord notifications for specific users, channels, or servers on iPhone and Android too.

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For other channels you are part of, you can right click the channel and go to Notification Settings. Other than the options under Notification Overrides above, you can choose to mute individual or multiple channels. You can do this by right-clicking on a channel’s name and hovering on mute. You can choose the length of time that the channel will be muted. You can also right click a category to mute channels under the entire category itself.

In order to turn off Discord notifications for an individual or specific user, two options are available. You can either block the specific user or mute the user. You can choose any of the options depending on you. To mute any discord server right-click on it and hover up to the option Mute Server and choose the options for time. Launch the Discord mobile app and select the server you wish to mute from the left panel. Sometimes, you may just want to mute single or multiple channels of a Discord server rather than muting the entire server. The first and easiest is to block them.

How To Turn Off Notifications Of Discord Server

When you do, you won’t receive any notifications on the channel unless someone mentions you. Chat notifications in Discord allow its users to stay updated with the latest messages and mentions on the channel or server. Although that’s the case, it can be quite distracting, especially if you receive frequent alerts on your device. However, for your convenience, we are providing you steps how to disable all discord notifications sound and desktop alerts on Samsung and on iPhone. On different options hosted, turn off the message and notification sounds as well as desktop notifications. Alright enough of the chitchat, I’ll be showing you how to turn off Discord notifications for an individual using the mute option. Suppose you don’t want to hear from one or more users specifically. In that case, you don’t need to disable notifications from the entire app.

Keeping this in mind follow the steps how to disable discord notifications for a specific server provided below. Discord gives you the option to mute notifications for the entire Discord server. Thus, you can opt for this method if you wish to block off all notifications from Discord so that you are not distracted or disturbed. If you belong to other servers and frequently get direct messages from members of those servers, you can block direct messages for an entire server. Right-click on the server icon and select Privacy Settings. Turning off this option blocks direct messages from all users in that server unless they are on your list of friends. You have to undo this option yourself once class is over. Unfortunately, Discord users can’t mute individual users on the mobile app.

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But Discord communities can grow quite large, and the volume of communication that occurs within a specific server can lead to a lot of notifications. If you are in a server that is sending a lot of notifications, you might be looking for a way to turn them off. Our guide below will show you how to mute an individual Discord server from within the iPhone Discord app. Click on the cog icon to the right of your user profile pic in the bottom left to open User Settings. Head to Notifications to change the settings for all servers you belong to. These are the different ways that you can turn off or mute notification on the Discord platform. Turn off all the unwanted notifications from Discord and use the platform efficiently. If you have any doubts about the Discord and its notification settings, tell us in the comments section. From here on, there are three ways to the mute notification. The simplest way is to click the Notification icon on the right side of the chat screen.

How do I mute a discord text channel on everyone?

In the “Banned Words” tab, there are already a few Global Banned Words selected. You can also add your own banned words to the Dynobot Global Banned Words list by typing them into the text box provided.

Millions have iPhone and iPad running Discord in it, and I’m one of those users. You can mute a server from the official Discord app without limitations, and you have all options similar to the desktop-class program. Follow my lead to mute/unmute a server on an iPhone or iPad. I won’t receive a notification from the server until I enable it back on. If you want a channel or category to bypass these limitations, you can choose to override your default notification settings. To save the changes, click Done. After signing-in to the Discord desktop or web app, right-click on the icon of the server you want to mute.

How To Disable Discord Notifications On Windows, Macos, And Android

Locate and enter the server that has a channel you want to mute and open the channel. Finally, in order to actually clear the badge after I turned notifications off, I right clicked each channel and clicked «Mark as read». The badge looks like the ones that indicate new messages on apps like Mail, Messages, etc, only instead of a number, it displays just a dot. Open your Discord and navigate to the server where you have the channel to mute. This will bring a small screen at the bottom of the screen, tap on 3 dots, and choose Block. Choose one of the options and your channel will be now muted. Pull up the channel which you want to mute and hover up to the bell icon at the right-hand top and click on it. Many people want to turn off notifications just because of a few users who are not so important and they keep on texting.

  • Doing this will disable message popups in Discord while you’re playing games.
  • In iOS smartphones, you can turn off customized notifications like Lock screen notification, badges, and banners.
  • Other than the options under Notification Overrides above, you can choose to mute individual or multiple channels.
  • Open one of your servers by clicking an icon on the left side of your screen.

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